Seedr : Free Torrent Direct download

I first came across this amazing torrent down-loader accidentally. It’s quite funny that I was looking for seeds (the one used in farming) and happened to me this “seed”.

I would call this seed since it’s an amazing way all you need is to put the seed (copy-paste the magnetic link) and grows into a big and beautiful tree (the downloaded content). I was fed up with all sorts of downloading trouble I was facing as many sites other than seedr offered this service but data was limited and hence I couldn’t download and torrent takes too much time to download the content with less number of seeds and hence this happened to be an amazing lifesaver to me.

Seedr is a next-generation app aiming to bring the torrent experience to the next level.

Stream movies, music, and books on any device With top-in-class streaming technology, Seedr allow you to watch movies, listen to music, or read anything in your torrent library directly from the cloud on any device.
Private and safe

Seedr has high-level transport encryption to protect your privacy, and there is no need to worry about malware, viruses, or outside tracking – Seedr is the barrier protecting you.

Very fast Seedr runs on a high-speed backbone and can fetch torrents to the cloud within several minutes down to several seconds.

If you’ve ever tried using torrents on either tablet or phone, you’d quickly find out how impractical that is. Seedr is the solution – with special mobile-friendly protocols we created a snappy, fast mobile site that has all the functions you get on your PC – including streaming, subtitles, and high-speed direct downloads.

We believe that downloading torrents can be friendlier and safer, and plan on expanding the already rich features of the site in the near future.
Overall Easier to operate than uTorrent (by a long way), Seedr’s beauty lies in its simplicity. It’s hard to imagine anyone other than complete novices needing to revert to the site’s tutorial. However, those that do won’t be disappointed as it reveals ways to integrate the service into Kodi/XBMC. Free tier aside (which is a steal) it’s not cheap at $9.95 per month (two months free on annual rates) so the service might benefit from having a more limited lower-tier premium package around the $6 to $7 mark.
Those who obsess over the minutiae of their torrenting might prefer a full-blown seedbox experience, but Seedr knows its target audience and appears to serve them well.

Seedr can be tested here for free.

rusell adler code

Call of duty Russell Adler Code

I got plenty of Russell Adler codes to giveaway! I will be giving codes throughout the day!

To unlock the Russell Adler character for COD Mobile, you also need to play the Black Ops Cold War beta.

A description of Russell Adler reads: “A mystery of a man even for Black Ops, not much is known about Russell Adler after finishing his tour with the MACV-SOG in Vietnam as part of the CIA. A man whose confidence is as cold as his blood, Adler can disarm you with his dry wit in one moment, then go in for the kill instantly.”

You need to make sure you have followed the steps below.

Step 1: If you haven’t already, create or link your Activision Account in Call of Duty Mobile. 

Step 2: Download and play the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta through the same Activision Account. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re on or what day you play; so long as you play on the same Activision Account you linked your Call of Duty: Mobile profile to, you’re eligible to receive this reward. 

Step 3: Check your e-mail address tied to your Activision Account for your unique code to unlock Adler. Codes will be sent the week after the Beta ends. The e-mail should be in your inbox but may appear in another folder.

Step 4: Once you receive a code, visit the Call of Duty redemption page and enter your UID (found in your Call of Duty: Mobile profile, under your username) as well as that unique code.

Step 5: Head to Call of Duty: Mobile’s in-game mailbox to claim your reward, and dive into Call of Duty: Mobile’s Multiplayer and Battle Royale with this master of espionage and deception.

You also need to be on the latest version of Call of Duty: Mobile to redeem your reward.